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9 of the Most Beautiful Camping Spots near Perth

9 of the Most Beautiful Camping Spots near Perth

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9 of the Most Beautiful Camping Spots near Perth

Found yourself in Perth and want to sleep under the stars? You’re in luck.

It’s the most isolated capital city in the world, and filled with some of the country’s most bountiful landscapes. For those who are keen to experience it firsthand, there are a plethora of free and low-cost camping spots near Perth with space to roam and frolic in the great outdoors – you just need to know where to look.

Guilderton Caravan Park

Where: The Moore River Region


Distance from city centre: 70 minutes


Amenities: This full-service RV Park provides tent sites, chalets, a playground & laundry facilities.


Perks: Guilderton Caravan Park provides an (almost) undiscovered getaway less than 100km from Perth. Situated at the mouth of the Moore River, and just metres from one of the most peaceful stretches of the Western Australian coastline, Guilderton is the ideal retreat for families, couples and everyone in between 

You’ll find the world famous limestone Pinnacles in just one hours drive, as well as sand dunes aplenty.

Guilderton Caravan Park

Guilderton Caravan Park provides an almost undiscovered getaway.

Lake Navarino Holiday Park

Where: Waroona Dam


Distance from city centre: 1.5 hours


Amenities: Powered, unpowered and lakeside camping sites share wood-fired barbeques (not available in the summer), a large gas BBQ in the camp kitchen. They are also within a short walk to the shared ablution block and laundry area.


Perks: Waroona Dam is a popular lakeside escape for those who like kayaking, wakeboarding or freshwater fishing.


Lake Navarino Holiday Park puts you right in centre of the action. Campsites, cabins, cottages, park homes and glampsites are all available, all developed in keeping with the natural bushland surroundings.

Waroona Dam Perth

Waroona Dam is a popular lakeside escape.

Jurien Bay Tourist Park

Where: Jurien Bay


Distance from city centre: 2.5 hours


Amenities: This pet-friendly park provides a barbeque area, free Wi-Fi, accessible amenities, clothes line, laundry facilities, powered sites, sewer dump point, Tesla recharge and tourist information.


Perks: Jurien Bay is a favourite for short weekend getaways, and the perfect natural playground for camping.


Located only steps from the beach, this place is jam-packed with activities for your itinerary. The, safe and sheltered ocean is ideal for swimming, snorkelling and most other water-based sports.


The area is the perfect base camp for checking out the Pinnacles, four-wheel driving, exploring the Stockyard Gully Caves, or even skydiving.

Jurien Bay Perth

Jurien Bay is a favourite for short weekend getaways.

Lake Leschenaultia

Where: The Perth Hills


Distance from city centre: 55 minutes


Amenities: Lake Leschenaultia has a total of 23 sites located within three separate camping areas (Tent Campground, Main Campground and Group Campground). They each have their own bathroom, but share barbeque, playground, kitchen and kiosk facilities.


Perks: It might surprise you to learn that Perth has hills. Its seemingly never-ending coastline often attracts all the attention, but a camping trip here will have you surrounded by native bush, wildflowers and gentle valleys.


The lake here is a popular destination for camping as well as day trips, with a lakebed beach, canoe hire and sheltered BBQ facilities on offer. The nearby Chidlow town centre provides plenty of nice bakeries, shops and pubs for your leisure.

Lake Leschenaultia

Lake Leschenaultia is popular for camping and day trips.

Honeymoon Pool

Where: Wellington National Park


Distance from city centre: 2 hours


Amenities: 2WD accessible, picnic, BBQ and toilet facilities on site, no pets allowed


Perks: Situated on the banks of the tranquil Collie River, you can wash off your stress and camp in utter serenity at Honeymoon Pool. Twenty shaded campsites are set among peppermint trees, and thanks to the prime location, there is also kayaking, swimming and bushwalking on offer.

Honeymoon Pool Perth

Honeymoon Pool is one of the best known swimming and camping spots in WA.

Lane Poole Reserve

Where: The Northern Jarrah Forest


Distance from city centre: 85 minutes


Perks:  Lane Poole Reserve is named after after CE Lane Poole, the State’s first Conservator of Forests, this 50,000 hectare park is a popular base camp for canoeing, bushwalking and mountain bike riding. There are nine different sites on offer, each varying in accessibility and amenities.


Camping for smaller family groups or individuals is available at Baden Powell, Charlies Flat, Tonys Bend, Yarragil, Chuditch and Stringers. These must be booked online.


Nanga Mill and Nanga Townsite are suitable for larger groups and cannot be booked in advance – they operate on a first-come, first-served basis.


Nanga Brook has sealed road access via Nanga Gate on Nanga Road. It is ideal for caravans and camper trailers and must be booked online.

Sandy Cape Recreation Park

Where: Jurien Bay


Distance from city centre: 2 hours and 40 minutes


Amenities: Sandy Cape Recreation Park is basic beach camping at its best. Longdrop or Compost toilets are offered. No barbeques are provided, however more information on generators can be found here.


Perks: This budget-friendly spot is unparalleled when it comes to location and views. Built alongside a beautiful beach, wake up to stunning soft sand and a hidden piece of Western Australian paradise.


Kids can spend their days hurtling down sand dunes and exploring the turquoise coast of Jurien Bay. Adults can enjoy fishing, snorkelling and kayaking opportunities, as well as a beautiful walk up to the peak.

Milligan Island Eco Campsite

Where: A short drive from Green Head


Distance from city centre: 2 hours and 45 minutes


Amenities: Hosting 36 camp sites, you’ll find shelters, picnic settings, BBQ facilities and long drop toilets all within a short walk from the beach. Fresh water can be purchased, however there is no running water or power on site.


Perks: Nestled among beautiful native bushland, Milligan Island Eco Campsite puts you right among the elements while encouraging you to leave minimal footprints.


For water babies, there are plenty of swimming and snorkelling opportunities just metres from your site. There’s also a surf break off Point Louise.


Campsites are available for a maximum 3-day stay, and the camp caretaker will visit to collect your $15 per vehicle fee daily.

Dwellingup Chalets and Caravan Park

Where: Dwellingup state forest.


Distance from city centre: 77 minutes


Amenities: A camp kitchen, laundry, showers and ablutions are all provided.


Perks: Dwellingup Chalets and Caravan Park offers a range of accommodation options, from cabins and chalets to caravan and tent sites – every type of traveller will find something here.


The park is located within walking distance to Dwellingup town centre, with access to Bibbulum Track and the new Munda Biddi cycle trail. Plus, it’s only a short drive to the nearby Murray River.


Each camping area is secluded, shady and quiet, surrounded by a backdrop of native Western Australian bush.


Dwellingup is the secluded, shady and quiet option.

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