Helinox Seat Warmers - Chair Two - SCARLET

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A puffy for your chair. Provides soft warmth, extra cushioning and draft protection for cold outdoor adventures. Light, packable and tailored to fit the Helinox Beach and Sunset Chair, this is an essential for cool evenings. The synthetic fill delivers efficient warmth – even if wet – adds a layer of cushioning, and compacts small so it’s easy to pack and have right at hand when the temperature drops.


Provides warmth, cushioning and draft protection
Synthetic insulation is soft, efficient, resilient and works even if wet
Specifically sized to fit the Helinox Beach Chair and Sunset Chair
Compacts for easy transport
Machine washable
Compatible with Beach Chair and Sunset Chair models only
*Please note : Chair shown for display purpose only*

Product Details
Series: Helinox : Beach Chair, Helinox : Chair Accessories, Helinox : Sunset Chair
Colour of Product: Scarlet/Iron
Primary Material: Polyester
Weight Kg: 0.3 kg