OPUS: Imperium 3000W Inverter

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Compatible with all OPUS Campers and Hybrid


  • Input & output fully isolated.
  • USB output port.
  • High Surge: high surge current capability can power high demand loads, such as TVs, camping accessories, motors and other inductive loads.
  • Soft start: smooth start-up of the appliances.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output Waveform: clean power for sensitive loads.
  • AC output: identical to, and in some cases better, than the power supplied by the grid.
  • Cooling Fan: activated by load or temperature.
  • Low Total Harmonic Distortion: below 3%.
  • Remote Control: comes with the kit, for optional usage if required.


The Imperium 3000w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is a compact and highly efficient power inverter made of the highest quality components delivering performance and reliability that are market leading.

The Imperium power inverter converts low voltage, direct current (DC) to 110/220volt pure sine wave (PSW) alternating current (AC). By connecting the power inverter directly to the 12/24/48V battery, the inverter will give you the power to run mains-powered electrical appliances on the go.


Are you going away on a caravan holiday? They’re excellent for so many reasons. You have flexibility about where you go, you save plenty of money on hotels, and you have your means of transportation and your accommodation sorted already. But there’s one thing a lot of people struggle with in the caravan. Not using an electric trailer mover or the fact that they miss their modern comforts. How do you make breakfast without a toaster or a microwave? How do you live without the other appliances you use in your everyday life, like the hairdryer or your TV? The good news is that you don’t have to. You can bring all your necessary appliances with you in your caravan and turn it into your home away from home, all by using an inverter.


Power inverters are commonly used in caravans to allow people to bring their homely comforts with them. They’re especially useful for those wanting to get off the beaten track and camp out in the wild while still being able to bring crucial appliances like a toaster, a TV for your caravan annex, or just be able to charge their phone, even when there is no access to a mains hook-up. An inverter is connected to a 12V DC supply and then converts this to a 230V AC output, which means appliances can be powered by a battery or your caravan’s 12V supply.


There are lots of different options when it comes to inverters, and they’re all rated by their power output. To figure out what inverter you need, you need to calculate the total power of the appliances you plan on using. For example, a TV and a phone charger. Appliances usually have a sticker with the volume of Watts or Amps they use, but this can also be found through a user manual or with the help of Google if there is no such sticker. Once you’ve determined the usage of all the devices you want in your caravan, add these all together for the total usage, and pick an inverter offering more than this. Inverters are usually available from 150W to 2500W and over, so there’s a huge range here depending on your needs. A 150W inverter can be good for powering small devices like tablets, phones and laptops if that’s all you need. A 3000W inverter, on the other hand, can power high demand loads like TVs and motors.


If you’re looking for a 3000 watt inverter for a caravan, we recommend the Imperium 3000W Inverter. This inverter is perfect for caravan use, allowing you to power items like televisions, toasters, camping accessories and more. The input and output are fully isolated, and there’s a USB port for easy use. There is even a cooling fan and remote control. With the 12-volt inverter with 3000w inverter made from high-quality components, you can have expert reliability and market-leading performance.