Salty Captain : 4WD & RV Wash 1L Detergent


4WD & RV Wash Detergent

Step into a league of its own with Salty Captain's 4WD & RV Wash Detergent, setting itself apart from competitors. Unlike mere label-based claims, our product goes above and beyond. We employ rigorous lab testing, utilising metal coupons to evaluate its anti-rust and corrosion abilities. As a dedicated 4WD wash, we understand the demanding conditions it faces, and our wash detergent rises to the challenge. Trust in the proven effectiveness of Salty Captain's lab-tested formulas, ensuring a superior level of cleanliness and protection for your beloved 4WD or RV.

Experience the exceptional qualities that make Salty Captain's 4WD & RV Wash Detergent truly outstanding. We understand that it's not just another soap in a bottle, and here's why you'll love it:

  • Rigorously Tested: Unlike ordinary wash products, our detergent undergoes coupon testing to ensure its anti-rust and corrosion inhibitors are truly effective. You can trust that your vehicle is protected against the harsh elements.
  • Safe on All Surfaces: We prioritise the safety of your vehicle. Our wash detergent is designed to be safe on all surfaces, including paint and gel coatings. You can wash with confidence, knowing that your vehicle's finish will remain intact.
  • Powerful Mud and Grime Buster: With a high pH formula, our detergent is specifically formulated to break down tough mud and grime. It effortlessly tackles even the most stubborn dirt, leaving your 4WD or RV sparkling clean.

Choose Salty Captain's 4WD & RV Wash Detergent and discover a product that goes beyond expectations, delivering exceptional results while providing the utmost care for your vehicle.