Salty Captain : Captain's Musket


Captain’s Musket

"Easily the best way to wash & flush my boat hands down - DALE"

The Captains Musket

The most popular wash weapon on the market! 

The Captain’s Musket is the only washer you’ll need to clean all your vessels and vehicles! 

-Use the foaming nozzle to wash down large surfaces

-Use the male adaptor to flush your engine

-Fix the brush attachment as a bayonet for close combat against grime!

Of course, you’ll need ammo. Load the canister with Salty Captain’s Salt Water Detergent for all your external cleaning needs. The Engine Flush will blast any salt buildup there.

This musket is dependable. It includes well-made adaptors for all attachments, a tight screw fit for the canister, and O-rings to ensure a high pressure wash. 

The perfect tool for washing your Boat, PWC, Car, 4WD, RV, Sports Car, or Home.