Salty Captain : Car Wash 1L


Car Wash

Salty Captain’s Car Wash is a formula that’s perfect for your car! It’s a lighter clean and sudsy wash to make your great looking car even greater. The mix is extremely safe and environmentally friendly. We made it to attack the grime of everyday use and weathering while protecting your cars finish for the future. It’s our lowest PH detergent to ensure against damage to your car.

Simply fill the Captain's Musket with Car Wash, lather in foam and then switch to rinse. Don’t let the suds dry on the paintwork to avoid water spots. Try not to wash in direct sunlight: preferably in a cool and shaded area.

For best results use the car wash with Salty’s Noodle Mitt and Microfibre Towel to agitate and dry properly. 

Step by step on how to wash your vehicle properly:

  1. Find a cool, shaded area out of the sun to wash your car or 4x4
  2. Fill the musket canister with 50-90 ml of detergent
  3. Shift the mode on the top of the musket to water only. Remove any loose salt, sand or grime before foaming the vehicle
  4. Wash the Wheels with Salty Automotive Wheel Wash (Follow wheel wash instructions)
  5. Cover one half of the vehicle with Foam by shifting the mode handle to Foam + Water
  6. Fill a bucket with the foam and water. Dip the microfibre mitt in it, and begin the agitation process (Don’t press the wash noodle hard into the body, the weight of your hand should be sufficient enough)
  7. Make sure suds do not dry on the vehicle
  8. Rinse the suds off with fresh water by adjusting the mode handle to water only
  9. Repeat steps 6,7 and 8 until the whole vehicle has been cleaned
  10. Completely dry the vehicle with an XL microfibre dry towel