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By WiTi

WiTi GPS incorporates a GPS module for tracking and monitoring the caravan or trailer. An IOS or Android App is available for free download and provides information on the location of the caravan / trailer as well as key information such as battery voltage and alarm status. The App also provides alerts for alarm activation, low battery voltage and battery disconnect.

Tracking options:
Credit based with no monthly subscription offers on demand tracking and location information. Credits are available at $18 for 100 credits and a credit is charged when the alarm is activated or a notification is sent.

Full time tracking is available as an option at a low monthly subscription of $19 per month.


  • No monthly subscription, credit based system. Credits are deducted if the alarm is activated. Meaning there are no ongoing monthly fees reducing costs of ownership. $18 for 100 credits, providing excellent value for money as credits have no expiration date.
  • Mobile phone app (IOS and Android) and alerts, Notifications sent to mobile phone if the alarm is triggered
  • Tracking and recovery assistance in the event of theft, Live tracking and recovery assistance provided by 24/7 call centre who will work with the authorities to recover the stolen caravan / trailer
  • Ability to configure additional notifications, this can be set so you can receive notifications can be set for low voltage alarms if the caravan battery drops below 11.5v or if the battery is disconnected or tampered with