Getting Started

First time considering a camper? You’ve come to the right place.
Maybe you grew up experiencing the great outdoors only after an hour of assembling the family tent, and knowing the pack down would be coming too. This also meant that you were locked to the one spot for the whole holiday, as no way were you doing the assembly twice. On the upside the tent didn’t need a second mortgage and provided access to good value powered sites.
Alternatively, maybe the family had a caravan, kids in the annexe, parents in the van, hitch up and go…perfect. Fast forward to today’s world. Caravans are heavy, so you also need to buy a car with towing grunt. Caravans are big, so you need plenty of dedicated yard to store them. Finally caravans are expensive…to achieve return on that kind of investment you really need to be using them very regularly…think grey nomad regularly.
Good campers are the perfect bridge between the two…and then some. It can go where a caravan can't, packs up and down quickly, storable when not in use & doesn’t have to break the bank. First time considering a camper? You’ve come to the right place.

Forward Thinking

A camper is an investment which should provide freedom and enjoyment for many years to come. Considering what your touring future looks like is the key to choosing the right camper for you.
The camper market is very broad here in Australia – it is possible to pay as little as $8k for a no frills trailer through to over $100k for the camper with the lot in full luxurious glory.
The reality is you need to consider many factors beyond ‘can my car tow it’ when choosing your camper.



Are you going to feel comfortable and look forward to enjoying it time & time again? Right down to the modern touches like speakers & built in phone charging.
Does it suit all weather? Cool & airy in the summer and waterproof and warm in the winter.
Is it kitted out and ready to go…or are you going to need to invest significantly over the base camper to survive, let alone enjoy your getaway. 
Things to think about are:
Does it provide sufficient space or will you need to purchase a further tent, annex, gazebo?
Is the sitting area sufficient or are you setting up camp tables and chairs instead?
Does it have sufficient cooking facilities or are you packing a bbq too?
Is there enough storage or are you adding a roof box to your vehicle?
What about the little things like speakers & phone charging
Opus campers allow you to grow with them, providing scope to be as adventurous as you want to be.
Now explore which one is right for you