Bush Company : 270XT Max Awning

SKU: 9964970

The 270 XT MAX™ Awning sets new benchmarks for a free standing shade awning with massive shade coverage (+/-12m2 / 129ft2), great wind resistance and shares the same strength and durability as our famous 270 XT Awning.

The 270 XT MAX™ Awning is 2.3m (7’6″) long when packed away, weighs only 33.5Kg (74lbs) and can be easily fixed to most roof racks or heavy duty load bars using our Heavy Duty L Brackets (3 adjustable brackets supplied with the awning) or to our Clamshell Roof Top Tents using the appropriate awning to tent bracket (sold separately).

Fitting the 270 XT MAX™ Awning
The 270 XT MAX™ Awning frame requires a fitment bracket attached to the stainless steel sections no more than 200mm (7 ⁷/₈inch) from each end, there are 3 Heavy Duty L brackets supplied with the awning. The awning is not suitable to be fitted to a roof rack shorter than 1.9m (75″) in length or to load bars where the width from front to rear is less than 1.9m (75″). We recommend having a third bracket positioned in the middle of the awning.

To mount the awning to one of our rooftop tents you will need an Awning To Tent bracket which are sold separately.

NOTE: Due to the size of the canvas and the forces exerted when the 270 XT MAX™ Awning is open, it can only be fitted directly to the side of our AX27™ or DX27™ rooftop tents. For the Classic or Classic MAX rooftop tents only the standard 270 XT Awning™ can be mounted directly to the side of the tent.