Bush Company : AX-27 Roof Top Tent


The AX27™ Clamshell Rooftop Tent is the ultimate in comfort, design and convenience and sets new benchmarks in quality, practicality and reliability. Hosting a range of industry leading features including an extruded aluminium alloy frame, double layered canvas skin, a large rainfly at sides and rear, full length roof mounting rails, and electrical package. The massive 1.7m opening height makes the tent feel spacious and roomy inside and means that you can sleep with you head at either end, plus to make sure you get a great nights sleep the 80mm thick mattress is double layered with one layer of super high density foam and the other layer medium density foam, all enclosed in a durable and removable canvas cover. When closed there is still plenty of space inside the AX27™ to store all of your bedding, and the double roof storage and side pockets provide heaps of space for your personal items. The electrical package provide two 12V Cig socket outlets and two twin USB sockets mounted to the roof of the tent as well as a moveable tri-colour LED light, the connection to your vehicles power is a 50AMP Andersen plug mounted beneath the tent.

With the AX27™ Clamshell Rooftop Tent there is need to compromise with losing your roof loading space, the tent roof can hold up to 200Kg in the closed position and will still fully open and remain open with up to 50Kg mounted on the roof. There’s a wide range of accessory brackets available for mounting everything from solar panel brackets, MAXTRAX brackets, shovel mounts, Hi-lift jacks, and don’t forget the all important fan bracket to mount a Sirocco fan to the inside of the tent to keep you cool on those warmer nights.

All this and still the convenience of setting up/packing down in under 90 seconds, the AX27™ Clamshell Rooftop Tent brings together The Bush Company’s many years of experience in aluminium fabrication and first hand experience in touring/camping. Whether you are looking for your first rooftop tent or upgrading your existing setup, the AX27™ Clamshell Roof Top Tent will leave you knowing that you made the right choice. The key specifications of the AX27™ are below and the full details are listed in the product specification tab below. To find out why we believe this is the best roof top tent on the market watch the full AX27™ product review video.

Key Features
External Length: External Frame 2.25m /7′ 4.6″ (2.32m / 7′ 7″ inc hinges & handles)
External Width: External 1.4m (4′ 7.1″), 1.45m (4′ 9″) including gas struts
Height (exterior, closed): 278mm (10.94″) including roof rails and base extrusions
Max Height (exterior, open): 1.75m (5′ 9″)
Max Height (interior, headroom open): 1.7m (5′ 7″)
Internal Mattress: Length 2.13m / 7′, Width 1.28m / 4′ 2″, Thickness 80mm / 3.15″
Weight: Approximately 99Kg (218lbs) excluding telescopic ladder
2.6m Telescopic ladder, second ladder mount and universal fitting kit/brackets supplied as standard
There are a range of brackets available for fitment of accessories including:

Heavy Duty Awning brackets for mounting awnings directly to the sides of the tent.
Solar Panel Brackets for mounting solar panels to the roof of the tent.
Lightbar/Spotlight Brackets
Shovel Bracket for either long/short handle shovels or axes
Hi-Lift Jack Mount Bracket
Fan Bracket to mount a Sirocco fan to internal roof.
Universal Roof Load Bars to attach to the roof rails on the tent.
MAXTRAX Load Bar Bracket for mounting up to 4 recovery tracks on the roof
MAXTRAX Side Mount Bracket for mounting up to 4 recovery tracks on the side of the tent
The Bush Company or one of our stockists can install your tent, but if you choose to install the rooftop tent yourself please watch our Pre-Insatll Assemply video. Please make sure that you have done the due-diligence on your intended install to ensure that it does not create any safety issues and ensure that you follow standard safety precautions when undertaking the install.