Campboss : 4X4 Rear Tyre Bag

SKU: 4x4-reartyrebag

Keep wet and dirty items or rubbish contained and out of your vehicle's interior with the CampBoss 4x4 rear tyre bag.

The rear tyre bag is designed to be attached to most rear tyre sizes, from stock 4WD tyres right up to 40 inch mud terrain tyres.
Whether you're storing extra gear that needs easy access, wet and muddy gear from camping or off-roading, or storing rubbish after pack-up, the CampBoss 4x4 rear tyre bag has you covered.
The main compartment has a removable pocket that can be washed out and cleaned. It reattaches via 360 degree Velcro strip for secure fitment.
  • Fits most rear tyre sizes
  • keeps vehicle interior clean
  • exceptional durability