HX-2 Wi-Fi Reversing Camera

SKU: BC-2475
By Hema



Hema's Wi-Fi reversing camera used in conjunction with the Hema HX-2 Navigator offers enhanced rearward visibility for drivers and, thus, help minimise the risk of "blind zone" accidents whenever your vehicle is moving in reverse. This wireless backup camera helps you easily spot vehicles, pedestrians, pets and other hard-to-see obstructions behind your vehicle.

Suitable for both 12v and 24v vehicles (camera and transmitter are compatible from 9 to 28 Volts).


  • COMPATIBILITY - Works seamlessly with Hema HX-2 Navigator
  • WIDE FIELD OF VIEW - 160-degree wide-angle field of view; shows what’s behind your vehicle when in reverse
  • BUILT-IN WI-FI - Built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity transmits live camera view from the reversing camera directly to your HX-2 navigator’s display
  • WIRELESS RANGE - Transmits camera footage up to 100cm's away (range varies based on installation)

What's in the box:

  • Wifi Camera
  • Camera Mount
  • Mounting Instructions