Joolca Ensuite Triple

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By Joolca

Joolca’s sturdy ENSUITE Triple shower tent is a bit like a ship in a bottle – it looks impossible, but it pops up in seconds!

What emerges is a three-room en suite – toilet, shower, and dry changeroom – complete with windows, skylights, drainage, ventilation, valuables compartments, toiletries organizers, plumbing ports, and interior towel lines.

Meet the ENSUITE Triple

So many features you can talk about your ENSUITE until the campfire goes out and the sun rises.

Take a tour of the tent

You know what Crocodile Dundee would have said – “that’s not a shower tent… THIS is a shower tent!” More like a bathhouse, really. With three separate rooms.

Ready to HOTTAP

Our ENSUITE Range is designed to perfectly integrate with your HOTTAP shower system. Shower views have never been better.

Enjoy a quick erection

No more relationship-destroying struggles with your equipment. The Ensuite not only guarantees a quick erection; it also folds down and packs away without the need for any twisting-and-turning wizardry.

Ultimate Comfort.

Joolca’s intrepid hot shower test pilots have helped us address all the little things that you will quickly come to appreciate.