Joolca Micromate Travel Towel - Large Blue

SKU: JCA11041-02
By Joolca

The MicroMate microfibre travel towel comes packed with the Xs of your dreams: it absorbs 5X its own weight in water; it dries 10X faster than a regular towel, and it is 7X as compact. Add the dimensions – 142X71 – and you have the perfect accessory to your HOTTAP and Ensuite.


With more than 200,000 fibres per square inch, the MicroMate towel gets you dry in no time; it absorbs 5X its weight in water.

Each fibre is less than 1/16 the thickness of human hair, which enables super-quick diffusion of moisture. In fact, MicroMate dries 10X as fast as regular towels. 

Easily compressed into a tiny roll, the MicroMate is 7X as compact as a standard towel. 

Featuring a fine blend of nylon and polyester fibre, MicroMate is really, really soft on your skin. There’s no unit of measurement for this. Just think lots of Xs.

MicroMate comes with a powerful odour-control treatment that prevents mildew and does away with bacteria (turning them into ex-bacteria, as it were).

Weighing in at only 205g, you'll never not pack the MicroMate.

Easy to roll up and fit into the included mesh bag, the MicroMate also features a practical loop tab for secure hanging on branches, tent poles and CB antennas. 

At 142x71cm, the MicroMate is small enough to easily stow away, yet large enough to double as blanket or beach towel.