MyCoolman: 15Ah Power Pack CPP15

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Product Description

myCOOLMAN CPP15 15Ah Power Pack. The myCOOLMAN Power Pack truly brings you adventure unplugged. No longer do you need to be tethered to the vehicle or a heavy and cumbersome power source.

The myCOOLMAN Power Pack is truly portable and lightweight power in a sleek body that seamlessly attaches to the side of your myCOOLMAN fridge magnetically.

It's the perfect accessory to take your myCOOLMAN fridge out for a BBQ and some backyard cricket, fishing with mates or camping off the beaten track. One thing is for sure myCOOLMAN is Powering your next adventure.

MyCoolman Lithium Power pack includes:

  • DC outlet to run your fridge
  • AC charger to charge the battery from a 240V power source
  • LED indicator to show how much charge is left


  • Magnetically mounted - Mounts to the middle of your myCOOLMAN
  • LED Display - Easily see the battery levels
  • Lithium battery power - Recharges more times than other battery types
  • Sleek body - Low profile, lightweight and portable
Approximate Run Time on myCOOLMAN fridges (hrs)*
  • 30L - The Transporter - 18hrs
  • 36L - The Compact - 18hrs
  • 44L - The Weekender - 14hrs
  • 60L - The All-Rounder - 13hrs
  • 69L - The Traveller - 13hrs
  • 73L - The Partier - 11hrs
  • 85L - The Adventurer - 8hrs
  • 96L - The Ultimate - 8hrs
  • 105L - The Fisherman - 8hrs
Run time data start to record once fridge temperature reached to target 4ᵒC*
Ambient temperature 25ᵒC & Fridge set to 4ᵒC
10 bottles of 550ml ambient inside of the fridge(Dual zone models put 10 bottles in each compartment - total of 20 bottles).