Saracen Fullstop Hitchlock

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Saracen – Hardened-steel hitch lock for 50mm couplings


  • Made from hardened, high-strength steel
  • 7-Pin cylinder lock resists cutting, picking, drilling and freezing
  • Includes 3 anti-copy tubular keys for added security
  • Unique safety-chain securing design for added security

The Saracen hitch lock is made from specially hardened, high strength steel making it resistant to cutting and drilling.

Designed to prevent a trailer from being hitched up and towed away, it incorporates a high-security seven-pin barrel lock with tubular key, resistant to picking, drilling and gas freezing.

Suitable for most caravans, camper trailers, boat trailers and general-purpose trailers fitted with a 50mm ball hitch, the Saracen also has a unique safety-chain securing set-up that adds an extra dimension of trailer security you’ll only find with Purple Line!