SeatoSum: Carabiner Pack of 3

$6.99 $10.00

After so many requests, Sea to Summit decided to make an accessory carabiners available as a stand alone item. They have improved their function by fitting a wire gate, as well as reducing their already minimal weight. Very handy for keeping keys together, attaching guy lines to a Tarp-Poncho, hanging a lantern in your tent, and many other uses. The Accessory Carabiners come in a pack of three colours.



* 6061 Aluminum body with a stainless steel gate
* Many uses. Including replacing lost biners from Sea to Summit utensil sets
* Sold in a 3-pack, in three different colors (grey, blue, orange)



DIMENSIONS           2.4 CM X 4 CM X 0.3 CM
WEIGHT           9 G
SIZE VARIATION          No Size
MODEL VARIATION          3 Pocket